RINZ24 Men’s Intimate Wipes


  • 6 individually wrapped wipes
  • All the Rinz24 freshness, wherever you go
  • Voor on-the-go
  • For travel
  • For nightlife & dates
  • Handy wallet-friendly size
  • 100% Intiman™ formula

Are you the adventurous type?

Then this product is perfect for you. The individually wrapped disposable Rinz24 wipes fit in your wallet or pocket. Now you can experience the irresistible freshness of our Intiman™ formula wherever you go, whenever. In this way it meets the demands of the modern man: convenient for traveling, on the go, or for an evening that can end up anywhere. A solution for when there is no running water nearby, or when there is no time for a shower, these men’s intimate wipes guarantee a thorough and maintained hygiene always and everywhere.

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