RINZ24 Men’s Intimate Care


RINZ24 MEN’s INTIMATE CARE (50ml) is a nourishing balm specially developed for the sensitive skin in the intimate area, for those moments that your skin screams for attention: during and after SPORTS, in case of intimate DISCOMFORTS and after SHAVING your private parts. The balm is free of paraben and contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Boswellia extract. The balm nourishes the skin immediately! Keeps the skin soft and smooth en contains ingredients that reduce redness and calm the skin.

WARNING: In contrast to the Wash and Wipes is this balm not suitable for applying onto the glans.

  • During and after sports
  • in case of intimate discomforts
  • Before and after (intimate) schaving
  • Nourishes and refreshes
  • For daily use

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