What is Rinz24?

Rinz24 is a unique, new product line specifically designed for the intimate area. It fights bacterial build-up and unpleasant odor and stimulates the natural protective flora. Rinz24 has been carefully designed to have a cleansing and moisturizing effect and keeps the skin supple. It’s soft, soothing and yet cleansing. Rinz24 comes in a bottle for daily use, or in individually wrapped disposable wipes for on the go.

Why should I use Rinz24?

Rinz24 products give your intimate area a clean and fresh feeling. The active ingredients stimulate the natural protective flora of your skin, fight bacterial build-up, unpleasant odor and even skin irritation. Experience long lasting freshness, cleanliness and great smooth skin for maximum confidence.

Why Not just wash with water?

Washing with water is not bad, but it isn’t the best solution either. Water doesn’t remove all the accumulated bacteria effectively and does not reach all critical areas, while Rinz24 does. Also, water does not have a nourishing effect on your skin and it will only keep you fresh for a short time.

Why can’t I just wash my private parts with soap?

Men: don’t do it! The use of soap when cleaning the glans and foreskin may just backfire. In response to the high pH value of soap and the presence of aggressive perfumes, the natural balance can be disturbed. This can lead to unpleasant odors.

I have never experienced problems with my penis, so why should I use Rinz24?

There are always times that you just need that extra fresh and clean feeling. Rinz24 gives long lasting freshness, cleanliness and great feeling skin for maximum confidence.

Is Rinz24 only applicable for the intimate area?

Rinz24 is specifically designed for cleaning the intimate area and therefore very mild and non-irritating. Because of these properties you can use the Rinz24 products on other skin parts as well.

Is Rinz24 dermatologically tested?

Yes, Rinz24 is dermatologically tested and is very skin friendly. Its ph-value is perfect for the man’s intimate parts.

Can women use Rinz24 as well?

Rinz24 can also be used by women. However, Rinz24 is for external use only!

Can Rinz24 prevent a sexually transmitted infection?

No! Rinz24 cannot prevent infection with an STI. You should really put your trust in the classic rubber to tackle that one…

Will Rinz24 improve my sex life?

A good intimate hygiene, before and after sex, is important for both parties and makes sex more enjoyable. Rinz24 contributes to a good intimate hygiene and will certainly make your sex life more pleasant and exciting.

What can I do to prevent unpleasant odors?

Clean your intimate parts with water and Rinz24. If no water is available, use the intimate wipes. Furthermore don’t wear synthetic underwear. Synthetic underwear is not breathable; it leads to more sweating and unpleasant odors. Wear cotton underwear as much as possible.

How do I use Rinz24?

Men’s Intimate Wash: Put a small quantity onto the palm of your hand or wash cloth to clean the whole intimate area and rinse well. Suitable for daily use. Can be used for the front and outer rear parts of the body. Men’s Intimate Wipes: Remove the wipe from the foil wrap and use to clean the intimate area. Separate wipes should be used for the front and rear parts of the body. Suitable for daily use. Can be used for the front and outer rear parts of the body.

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