Intimate care for the man

A real man goes out fresh and clean. Always. It’s his secret weapon for success and confidence. Because the guys that feel good about themselves are the ones that score every time. You probably know that amazingly fresh feeling right after you take a shower, right? Now, Rinz24 let’s you experience that sensation the entire day – and night. For that reason alone, Rinz24 deserves its own place in a man’s daily grooming routine.


Rinz24 is a unique washing product, specifically designed for the man’s private parts. Sensitive skin tissue, where bacteria can multiply at astonishing speed. This demands a highly effective yet mild type of hygiene.

Rinz24 contains the unique Intiman™ formula, developed and tested to perfection by Blue Dolphin Health. It beats water by a mile, it’s healthier than soap and it’s 100% suitable for men’s genitalia.


Especially for you we developed Men’s Intimate Wipes. Experience the rare freshness of Rinz24’s Intiman™ formula in handy wallet-friendly size.


A nourishing balm specially developed for the sensitive skin in the intimate area, for those moments that your skin screams for attention: during and after sports, in case of intimate discomforts and after shaving private parts. The balm is free of paraben and contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Boswellia extract. The balm nourishes the skin immediately! Keeps the skin soft and smooth en contains ingredients that reduce redness and calm the skin.

Great Experiences

You are a fresh guy, right? Go fresh! Read some experiences underneath!

“For years I had some sort of white layer on my glans. Even the pills prescribed by my docter didn’t work, so he told me I had to live with it. I stumbled upon Rinz24 through google and gave the wash a try. My problems were seriously gone in a day, and counting.”
Cees (29)

“A plus is that you can use a bottle for quite a while because you don’t need a lot. In a way it’s even cheaper than shampoo. I use it every morning and am almost never plagued by smegma or smells anymore, even at the end of the day.”
Joop (42)
Breda (NL)

“Works like a charm! What I really like about rinz is that it doesn’t leave a strong scent or taste on my bf’s penis. That’s really good, because if you would taste soap 😉 that doesn’t really help.”
Priscilla (21)
De Koog (NL)

“Honestly, at first I thought product’s like these for men are rubbish. Not anymore. I just keep it next to my shampoo and shower gel. It’s true what the site says: it really keeps my ‘stuff’ clean and smooth.”
Anton (19)
Leiderdorp (NL)

“I go out a lot and the evening occasionally ends in a bed other than mine. I always carry a wipe or two in my wallet to go fresh up in a few sec without her even noticing. It takes a few min to dry, but no complaining.”
Tim (24)

“I bought it for my boyfriend. I was afraid he may get insulted or something but he totally wasn’t. I really didn’t have a lot to complain about my sex live, but now we really hit it off, haha.”
Sacha (25)
Maarssen (NL)