Each boy will ever suffer from smegma. But there are quite a few questions and prejudices about smegma. Some people think that smegma is related to sexually transmitted diseases or other nasty infections. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with sexually transmitted diseases, so you absolutely do not have to worry about that. However, due to the bacteria that occur in smegma, if it is not treated, it could lead to infections. And yes, that's less pleasant.

Smegma, what is it?

Smegma is a mixture of skin cells, separation, and moisture, this moisture can be urine, but also sperm. This mixture is formed mainly by the edge of the glans under the foreskin of the penis. Smegma occurs in virtually every male mammal and therefore also in humans. If it is not removed immediately, which can be done very easily by cleaning the glans, it can emit a very foul smell and cause infections.

Remove smegma

Smegma is basically quite simple to remove, especially if smegma has only just been discovered, it can often be simply rinsed with water. Sometimes, the smegma should gently be rubbed with a washcloth or sponge to remove everything from cavities and holes. If smegma is not removed immediately it might cause infections. Special intimate care products like Rinz24 can help you to remove smegma and keep everything clean.

Avoid smegma

Again, smegma is a common and natural phenomenon, you should not be embarrassed if you get it. It is wise to pull your foreskin back regularly to clean the glans and foreskin properly. This way you will avoid unwanted dirt and dead skin cells accumulate under the skin which can lead to the formation of smegma again. You can rinse with lukewarm water, but you can also choose special wash gels that are made for the intimate parts. These wash gels can safely be used in the shower or bath, have an adjusted pH-value and stimulate the natural protective flora of the skin. 

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